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Architectural Scale Models


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Custom Models


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Aircraft Replicas


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What do we do?


AAS Model is a full service scale model building firm located in beautiful Southwest Florida.  We provide high quality scale models and replicas for a wide range of clients around the world.


We have over 40 years of combined professional model making experience.  We are dedicated to our clients and their projects from day one.  Our experience allows us to provide free, accurate, detailed proposals with a goal of providing you with a high quality scale model that meets your specific needs.. 


Why use a Model?


A physical 3D model will effortlessly assist with the presentation of a complex design, will help gain support for controversial developments, is a great tool for marketing and selling new communities or ideas, and will prove itself as a priceless asset during fundraising events.  In addition to its physical abilities a detailed accurate model can also be used in nearly every aspect of your marketing campaign.  Scale models or prototypes are a cost effective solution for all of your presentation needs. 


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